Flood Restoration Process: Step by Step Guide

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The flood can be disastrous, especially for the people who live near the river banks or near the seashores. They face a continuous threat of flooding. Although, the authorities work hard to notify the citizens in time, but once the water burst out of the reservoir there’s no telling how fast it can travel. Before you know it, it would be it would be above your head. The best way to secure your family and avoid catastrophe, always consider yourself in a state of emergency and keep your important belongings in one place. This way you will be able to move quickly. Later you can start the flood restoration process when the condition would be stabilized. The professionals follow the steps below to sequentially restore a home. 

Settle your insurance issues

First thing’s first, you must deal with the insurance issues almost immediately. Because a delay might halt the restoration process of your home. Pull out the insurance papers and check the details, your objective is to find out who is going to pay for the restoration process. The insurance might not cover up all the damages, for that, you need you to pay upfront to complete the restoration process.

Find a reliable repair company

You should hire a water damage restoration company as soon as possible because flood is a large-scale disaster and soon all of the restoration companies will be occupied with the other work in hand. This is your chance, so come out of the emotional trauma and get to work. Use all of your resources to dig out the most reliable company in the restoration business.

Cut off the power

Once you’ve found a reliable restoration partner, this is how they proceed. Since the restoration work can’t be conducted due to water which makes working risky as well. The companies cut off the power at the start of work. This way they not only secure your property but provide necessary protection to their labor as well. You must accompany them because only you know the exact location of the power source in your home.

Dry up the place

When the place is secure and you have neutralized the working area, it is time to pull out all of the water that entered your home. Three kinds of water can hit you. First, the clean water usually flows in the streams and it is not a great threat as compared to the other two kinds of water types. Once the water will be moved out you’ll be all set to survey for the damages in details.  

Conduct a brief survey

The estimation is quite important, for both the insurance company and the restoration company. Unfortunately, it can’t be done without the help of experts. When the home is dried enough to do so, the company will send its experts to conduct a brief survey. They find out the extent of damage your home has taken and how much labor or the investment would it take to put it back together. 

Performing basic repair activities

The repair work consists of a major part of the restoration activities. When the water enters a home it simply damages your home to the roots. Since the experts have conducted the survey and would be able to notify repairs precisely. The most critical repairs may include, the roof, basement, foundations of a home, walls, etc. Make sure everything is included in the estimate for precise cost calculation.

Removal of stuff

You can’t conduct the repair activities until your stuff is inside. If it all got wet, then you should move it out to a sunny location. The wooden furniture and stuff are critical to handle because once it gets wet it doesn’t dry up fast. If not dried up in time, it can become an easy target of the termites not to mention you can also experience unpleasant odors from the wet furniture.

Finding recoverable

Recovery of stuff it not an easy task and it all depends on the type of water hit you. Most of your things can be recovered if you got hit by the clean water. Things can become complex when you got hit by brown or black water. The issue is not with the color of water, but it is with the pollutants that travel with it. Don’t keep your hopes high for recovery of your stuff if you got hit by the black water and you may need to hire the decontamination services to deal with the pollutants.

Final quality control

There’s only customer who can tell whether he’s satisfied with the quality of work or not. This is why you must conduct a complete inspection to see if they did as you both agreed. The quickest and easiest way to do it is to make a checklist of repairs. While you check the quality of work, you should also write down the short notes about everything for the future concerns.

Restoration is a painful procedure and you must endure it with patience till your home is restored back to its normal state. Make sure you guide the restoration team well, so they can remake an identical home for you. The best favor you can do to your home is to find a reliable restoration company.

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