12 Tips To Handle Emergency Roof Repair

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When it comes to roof leaks, finding and hiring one of the best roofing companies is perhaps your best choice, right? Alas, when you hire an emergency roof repair services provider, they might not be able to come as quickly as possible. So, what will you do in order to stop the roof leak and minimize the damage? Don’t worry if you do not know what to do at such a time. In this article, we’ve compiled 12 top tips that’ll help you handle emergency roof repair until the experts come.

12 Prime Tips To Handle Emergency Roof Repair

Keep in mind that a leaking roof should never be taken lightly. That’s right, even a minor leak in the roof can result in major water damage and can destroy the structure of the building within minutes. This is why it is highly suggested that you hire an emergency roof repair company right away in order to address such issues quickly.

We also know that roof leak repair experts will not promptly come to your site. So, below we’ve mentioned 12 handful tips that can help you retain the damage on your own.

Tip #1: Minimize The Damage

Now that you’ve scheduled an appointment with the professional roofer for leak repair, the first thing you need to do is managing the leaking roof in order to minimize the damage.

Soak up the standing water, place a bucket under the leak, and protect ceiling dipping or the bulging by poking a hole and releasing the leak.

Tip #2: Inspect The Attic

Frankly speaking, if you access to the attic, it is highly suggested that you grab a flashlight and climb up the attic. Track the leak in the attic. Keep in mind that tracking the water leak can be quite deceptive. This is because the water does not travel in a straight line, it travels to the nearest joint.

Tip #3: Redirect The Leaking Water

Let’s assume that you do not want to deal with emptying the water bucket every few hours, you can use a bottle funnel to redirect the water from the leak outside the house.

All you will need to do is cut the bottle in half, attach a gardening hose to it, and place it outside the house.

Tip #4: Inspect The Issue From A Distance

Now that you have minimized the damage of the roof leak from the interior side of the house, it is now time for you to take a look at the house from the exterior side as well.

Climb on the roof or grab a pair of binoculars, and inspect the condition of the roof. Look for damaged areas. Just don’t try to walk on the damaged roof, or else you might damage it beyond repair.

Tip #5: Look For The Origin Of The Leak

If you are confident enough, you now need to look for the origin of the roof leak. That’s right, inspect the attic or the top of the roof and look for a damaged area where the leak could have occurred.

Tip #6: Clear Away The Debris

If you have started to notice that small debris or leaves are blocking the rain gutters, you need to sweep them away from the roof. Blocked rain gutters are the top reason for roof leaks.

So, you need to dislodge the blocked gutters gently.

Tip #7: Remove The Fallen Tree Branches

After a storm, tree limbs and branches will be seen on the rooftop. If the branches are heavy, you need to know that they can damage the top side of the roof.

Carefully lift the fallen branches off the roof and see if the shingles have been damaged or not.

Tip #8: Soak Up The Water

When you start to see standing water on the flat roof, you need to consider this as an alarming situation. The standing water will affect the durability of the shingles. And yes, the water will penetrate from the shingles and it’ll seep into the walls.

Tip #9: Use Plastic Sheet To Cover The Damaged Area

If you’ve noticed that the shingles are missing, or have been damaged beyond repair, you can always use a sheet of plastic to cover the damaged area until the roof repair experts come.

Note: This is not a permanent solution for damaged shingles. You will have to get the shingles replaced.

Tip #10: Follow The Safety Protocols

Remember that, if you do not have the right set of tools, experience, time, or safety gear, you should never consider to inspect the condition of the roof on your own. This is because you can easily injure yourself during the process.

Tip #11: Replace The Damaged Shingles

A pro tip, you should always keep a couple of spare shingles in house for such times. If you’ve noticed that the shingles are damaged, you should replace them ASAP.

Tip #12: Secure The Shingles

However, if you’ve noticed that the shingles are in mint condition yet they’re out of their place, then you need to secure them tightly once again.


There is no doubt that the emergency roof repair experts will take some time to reach out to your house. But the above-mentioned tips will help you in handling the roof leak until they arrive.

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